14. 2. 2024 / 20.00
Kasárna Karlín

Price: 350 Kč / 250 Kč

The magic of the moment is the child a fragment of a picture and the angle of view.

A visual movement performance with elements of contemporary circus and dance.

Metal objects, reflections of space, bodies, formations and deformations, disruptions, perspective… Pushing, pulling, balancing, sliding, swinging, tilting, slope, weight, distance, order… Let’s enter a space together. Can we find the right angle of view? Every spectator receives their own personalized slice of stage reality. An experiment

with the perception of an audience seated with their back to the stage using mirrors to create a personal perspective. A suspended object based on the principle of tensegrity.

The Fickle Angle completes a triad of performances based on the principle of disruption (Disturbance 2021, Peeping Janes 2021, The Fickle Angle 2023). For this project, the two founding TeTy members cooperated with dancer Jana Ryšlavá to explore disruption and subversion of the perception of reality.

Project Partners: CIRQUEON – A Center for Contemporary Circus, Prague City Hall, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Czech Culture Fund

This performance was created within the residence program of CIRQUEON – A Center for Contemporary Circus.

Creative Team:
Supervising Director and Choreographer: Martina Hajdyla Lacová
Dramaturg: Ondřej Holba
Movement Research and Supervision: Eliška Brtnická
Acrobatic Research and Supervision: Stéphanie N’Duhirahe
Authors and Performers: Jana Ryšlavá, Katka Klusáková, Pavla Rožníčková
Stage and Costume Design: Lucia Škandíková
Object Creation: Prokop Vondruška (advisors: Jan Kohout, Martin Florek)
Music: Ivo Sedláček
Light Design: Karlos Šimek
Promotional Photo and Video: Tristan Ben Mahjoub
Trailer, Video: Nina Ščamborová
Photo: Tristan Ben Mahjoub, Vojtěch Brtnický
Production and PR: Jana Ada Kubíčková, Pavla Rožníčková

Age: +7
Duration: 50 minutes