14.2. – 20:00
15.2. – 20:00
Palác Akropolis

Cena: 350,- basic / 280,- student/senior/ZTP

How to Welcome the Aliens? is the juggling show we play as a welcoming ceremony on the day the aliens land on Earth.

What to show to aliens who know nothing about our world? Similar to the Golden Record, a compilation of images and sounds from Earth sent into space by NASA in 1977, the show is a sample of humanity. An overview of the human activity of juggling, and what it tells about us, our hands, our history, our gravity. A piece of our knowledge, our emotions, our thoughts.

Juggling acts, balloons, candies.

We very much look forward to seeing you at the ceremony.

Recommended age: 9+
Creation and interpretation: Eric Longequel et Jay Gilligan
Scenography collaboration: Johan Swartvagher
Sound design: David Maillard
Light design, scenography: Josefin Hinders/ Thibault Condy
Director: Thibault Condy
Costumes: Marion Duvinage
Technical consultation: Greg Dubos
Production: Company Ea Eo in partnership with Asín Association