18.-20.2. 2017

Craig Quat – known within juggling and clinical industries as a renowned theorist and world practitioner of social circus which promotes  inclusion.  Craig  Quat  investigates  the  developmental  effects  of  juggling  in  education  by  focusing  on adaptive  educational  methods  in  order  to  promote  and support  greater  inclusivity  of  circus.  He  is  recognized  for developing the specialized equipment known as Quat Props that helps make juggling more accessible to people of all  abilities,  ages,  and  backgrounds.  His  unique  learning  style  contributes  many  progressions  over  traditional methods of instruction to enhance the overall quality of learning for everyone.

Schedule in Czech Republic:

18. – 20. 2. International workshop for circus teachers

21. 2. Workshop for physiotherapists in Motol hospital

22. 2. Workshop for Cirqueon students

23. 2. Workshop for teenagers in Cirqueon

24. 2. Workshop for Medical clowns

25. – 26. 2. Workshop in Brno