13. 2. 2023 | 20:00
14. 2. 2023 | 20:00
PONEC – Divadlo pro tanec

Price: 450 Kč / 320 Kč 

EZ is a project about vulnerability, negotiation, consent and care. It explores the power dynamics and the pact in place between artist and audience. What happens when a human body is consensually tied and manipulated on stage? What reactions – physical, emotional and cognitive – occur in a person manipulated, in a person who manipulates and in a person who observes the manipulation? Is there space for care? Can we laugh? Is it a ritual? Questioning binarisms such as activity/passivity, domination/submission, man/woman, pain/pleasure, artist/audience, EZ invites the generation of safe(r) spaces. EZ –which means NO in Basque– is an invitation to a YES, which is only possible when a NO is also an option.

The show will be followed by a discussion.

Authorship, direction and performance: Elena Zanzu
Dramaturgical accompaniment: Carla Rovira Pitarch
Sound design: Odil Bright, Adele Madau
Light design: Anna Boix Álvarez
Rigging: Sarah Jeneway
Sound technique: Adele Madau
Light technique: Marieta Rojo

Co-production and support: Circusnext Laureate 2020-2021, Europa Creativa co-financed platform / De Mar a Mar, within the framework of the POCTEFA programme / Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya / Mercat de les Flors / Claudio Stellato Company / Cirqu’Aarau.

Residences: La Central del Circ, Espace Périphérique, La Grainerie, La Verrerie, La Caldera, CC Escartín, Cirko, C.I.N.E Sineu, L’Estruch, Spazio Flic.

Duration: 50 minutes
Age: 12+