Squarehead Productions

11. 2. 2024 / 19.00 Palác Akropolis 490 Kč / 350 Kč Accept our invitation to a unique spectator encounter with performers and other spectators. Both bars of Akropolis Palace will be open for you during the performance. 'For As Long As We're Here’ is a series of performance installations whereby circus artists perform an [...]

Les Vélocimanes Associés (BE)

12. 2. 2024 / 20.0013.4. 2024 / 10.00 a 18.00ARCHA+ Price: 490 Kč / 350 Kč A series of absurd experiments, performed with a bucket on the head. In a dark and intimate atmosphere, Der Lauf is authentic Belgian surrealism, halfway between David Lynch and René Magritte. Strange and joyful, absurd and jubilant, interactive and [...]

Post uit Hessdalen (BE)

15. 2. 2024 / 20.0016.2. 2024 / 18.00Divadlo Ponec Price: 490 Kč / 350 Kč Man Strikes Back is a musical circus performance by people and robots, for people and robots of 6 years and older. Man Strikes Back is a musical juggling performance. The masters of ceremony? Five wooden triangles, a juggler and a [...]

Sinking Sideways (BE)

15. 2. 2024 / 18.0016. 2. 2024 / 20.00Palác Akropolis Price: 490 Kč / 350 Kč In Cécile three performers navigate a tightly woven system of shape and form and explore the abundant possibilities of one single repetitive pattern: the infinity loop. Facing one another in this challenging territory, they negotiate the highly physical mechanics [...]

Roman Škadra (SK)

13. 2. 2024 / 20.00Divadlo Ponec Price: 490 Kč / 350 Kč A man dressed in a glam style manipulates thirty iron kettlebells. Dealing with the awkwardness forces his body into a new shape with every movement. This play results in a fragile, ever-expanding composition implying effort and collapse. Girevik challenges the historically hyper-masculine aura [...]

Cirkus TeTy (CZ)

14. 2. 2024 / 20.00Kasárna Karlín Price: 350 Kč / 250 Kč The magic of the moment is the child a fragment of a picture and the angle of view. A visual movement performance with elements of contemporary circus and dance. Metal objects, reflections of space, bodies, formations and deformations, disruptions, perspective… Pushing, pulling, balancing, [...]

Cie Pieds Perchés (CZ)

14. 2. 2024 / 18.0015. 2. 2024 / 18.00CIRQUEON LAB Price: 350 Kč / 250 Kč What is remembrance? What do we and what do our bodies hold from different stories of life? How can the history of pain be transposed through generations? How can we speak about this pain? Šrámy/ la débattue is a [...]

Zahradnický, Wakenshaw – Nothing (CZ/NZ)

17. 2. 2024 | 20:00Palác Akropolis Price: 350 Kč /250 Kč Although the juggler Filip Zahradnický and the New Zealand clown and actor Trygve Wakenshaw are from different backgrounds, they have one thing in common - endless imagination. They are like a Pandora's box full of theatrical and juggling skills, which they find hard to [...]


Eliška Brtnická a kol. – Thin Skin (CZ)

13. 2. 2024 | 19:0014. 2. 2024 | 19:00DOX Price: 350 Kč /250 Kč Trapeze artist Eliška Brtnická has long been engaged in artistic research in the field of contemporary circus. She asks questions about what a trapeze is, what forms it can take, how it reflects on the movement of the body and what [...]