8.2.2021  – PREMIERE
20.00 – LIVE STREAM from Paláce Akropolis, ONLINE YOUTUBE
To watch until Friday 12.2. 2021
Performance length: 55 min

11.2. 2021
18:00 / 19:00 / 20:00
Performance length: always 15 min

Where: Náplavka, Kobka 10 – (A)VOID GALLERY

We can have anything we want. We can have so much that we want less. And when we have little, we fixate on those who have more. But we forget that we’re all in the same boat.

In his solo performance “Collection of Sceptical Pleasures”, Filip Zahradnický uses juggling and movement as his primary means of expression. Themes addressed by the show include the desire to “own” things and increase our wealth, while constantly searching for what wealth actually is. Should we strive for cultural, material or emotional wealth? And then there is the fear of losing everything overnight – something we would rather not think about. This sceptical view of the world leads us to do things we would otherwise not try. It forces us to enjoy the little things in life and take note of our surroundings, for in the eyes of nature we are all equal. From time to time the natural world brings us all to our knees and shows us that humans are just a blip in the history of our planet, which isn’t even ours. Filip Zahradnický creates an abstract collage of images and scenes inspired by both the uselessness and necessauthor and perfoity of art.  His handling of objects and energetic choreography based on juggling is full of originality and leaves audiences mesmerized.

Concept, set design, production: Filip Zahradnický

Supervision: Petter Wadsten

choreographic cooperation: Michaela Stará

Light design: Karel Šimek

Music: Vojtěch Bor

Technical consultation: Olin Procházka

Co-producer: Cirqueon – Centre for contemporary circus

Supported by: Ministry of Culture Czech Republic


Filip Zahradnický is a Czech juggler who represents the new and progressive wave of European contemporary circus artists. His juggling skills are as old as Cirqueon, where he started in 2009. In 2015, he was admitted to The Academy of Contemporary Circus in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he was improving the technical side of juggling and movement for three years and successfully finished with “Vermilion" performance. This year he was the second Czech to present himself at one of the most prestigious circus shows, the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, with this performance. The audience could see Filip for six months at the Chamäleon Theater in Berlin with Cirk La Putyka, he travelled Europe and even farther, solo or with Cink Cink Cink circus company. Collection of Sceptical Pleasures is the first full-length authorial project of this promising Czech juggler.