Movement-theatrical cleanup

11.2. – 20:00
12.2. – 20:00
Site specific / Kasárna Karlín

Price: 200,-
Student/senior/ZTP: 130,-

LAVABO is a movement performance with contemporary circus elements. The performance is a research of physical and mental cleanup, a cross-over experiencing the body and those moments when we find ourselves only with ourselves. Where does the human body end and the mind begin?

The face is the only part of the body that we can never see on ourselves. What we can see is always its reproduction or its image.

Recommended age: +8
Duration: 60 minutes

Creative team: Jana Stárková, Lukas Blaha, Ondra Menoušek
Performer: Lukas Blaha
Sound design:  Kryštof Blabla
Production: Damaris Kopecká
Photography:Tasya Nafigina