16.2. – 18:00 / 17.2. 18:00 – Palác Akropolis

From now on they are here, under this tent, remains rustic and precarious, very far from their glorious past. Haunted by the memory of this number so often played. Nostalgic of artists popularity, intense and overexcited. Cruel contrast between the glamor life that definitively past, and the present, bad habits and alcoholic silences. This two stooges, sullen and clever, playing with danger to persuade themselves that they are alive and well. Calmed by well oiled everyday life, caring one on the other, they slip, feet stuck in the present, and their head in the magic stars of the past triumph, they aspire to nothing and are capable of everything….

Duration: 60 minutes

By: Benjamin De Matteis, Mickaël Le Guen

Age Guidance: 8+