11.2. – 10:00-14:00
12.2. – 10:00-14:00
CIRQUEON – Vlastislavova 11, Praha 4, Nusle

Price: 1 200 Kč 
For lectors: 800 Kč

Capacity: 12 places

Having constructed and deconstructed my acrobatic training over the past 10 years, I will share my ongoing thoughts and speculations on how to approach my current way of moving. As my movement practice has its foundation within acrobatics it will be a present topic, however we will be working on many different things so please come prepared with an open mind.

Using my interpretation of agility we will work on balance, strength, coordination and speed to see how this can be cultivated into both solo practice and partnering situations with the idea to build up a well rounded and adaptive mover. 

With this in mind we will be looking at an ongoing research and vocabulary of both solo and collaborative movement situations, with the attempt of using acrobatics and locomotion as a vehicle to expand our understanding of this strand of movement training.


Winston Reynolds graduated from Circomedia, specialising in acrobatics & physical theatre (FDA, 2010-2012). And later went on to complete his Bachelor at ACAPA (Academy of Circus and Performance Art,Netherlands, 2012-2016). Within his research he specialised in acrobatic dance, a hybrid mix containing elements from gymnastics, capoeira, breakdancing and martial arts as well as undergoing several years of research around acrobatic contact partnering. Within his studies he was guided by Alexander Vantournhout who helped to refine and develop his journey into his movement practice. Currently he is in the new production 'Red Haired Men' (Alexander Vantournhout) which is touring throughout 2019-2020.