Ensemble Name: Rémi Luchez
Date Performance: 12.2. – 18:00, 13.2. – 20:00
Director: Rémi Luchez
Duration: 60 minutes
Venue: PONEC – divadlo pro tanec, Husitská 899/24A, 130 00 Praha 3
Language: English friendly

Rémi Luchez, laureat of the Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe 2008 prize, shows with his fresh approach to the acrobatic theater that he is not afraid to go on its unexplored journeys. And you can do it as well with the performance Miettes, whose main character is a primate – a man who tries very hard to stretch the rope to create a miniature bridge. This bridge is so absurdly thiny that it's almost impossible to cross it. This minimalist and slightly ironic story may change your mind of confidence and balance.