11. 2. 2024 / 19.00

Palác Akropolis

490 Kč / 350 Kč

Accept our invitation to a unique spectator encounter with performers and other spectators. Both bars of Akropolis Palace will be open for you during the performance.

'For As Long As We're Here’ is a series of performance installations whereby circus artists perform an uninterrupted durational performance of a single circus trick for up to 4 hours. Over the course of the performance the performers are slowly transformed by

the weight of time and effort. The initial virtuosity of the action breaks down, and the artists, in all their strenght and vulnerability, are slowly revealed.

This series of performances blurs the lines between art forms, raises questions around the role of the spectator, and places them responsible for defining their own experience.

The project features a modular structure allowing it to be adapted for each location and context. So far, the work has been performed at various scales by nine different circus artists from different disciplines. Additionally, collaborations have taken place with various curators and musicians.


Director: Darragh McLoughlin
Performers: Namer Golan, Theresa Kuhn, Louisa Wruck.
Supported by:  Bauhaus Dessau, Schloss Bröllin International Art Research Location, Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, The Arts Council of Ireland, Carlow Arts Festival, VISUAL Carlow, Uillinn Dance Centre
Past collaborators (sound and scenic curators): Andrea Salustri, Joseph Summers, Diane Barbé, Seán Ó Dálaigh, Branwen Kavanagh, Donal McConnon, Zillah Francis

Age: 8+
Duration: 3-4 hours