10.2. 2021
18:00 / 19:00 / 20:00

Where: Náplavka, Kobka 10 – (A)VOID GALLERY

Living Room in a Dungeon

Performance length: always 15 min

Each piece of furniture has its own character, each acts in its own unique way and their different shapes and sizes give them specific properties. In Living Room performance, the furniture comes to life and, as independent beings, they can move around, meet others, interact, but they cannot leave the room. They must share the space they were installed in. Same as different people share a single space in which their life stories take place, whether they are smaller families or entire communities.

What is your room like?

Living Room is an author project by performer Lukáš Karásek.

Author, performer: Lukáš Karásek

Dramaturgy: Viktor Černický

Scenography, masks: Lukáš Urbanec

Light design: Zuzana Režná

Costumes: Hynek Petrželka

Production: tYhle, Studio ALTA

Partners: Terén, Cooltour, Cirqueon, Kredance, Tanec Praha / PONEC – dance venue


Lukáš Karásek is a graduate of the Clown, Stage and Film Production Studio at JAMU in Brno. During his studies he explored production with Aleš Janák and Irina Andrejeva from Teatr Novogo Fronta or Karin Ponties from Dam de Pic. He also took part in a Commedia dell’arte internship with Giovanni Fusetti in Florence. The topic of his bachelor's thesis was acting in comedy and acting with a mask. He graduated (2013) with the Tešlon and Frkl performance, which he created together with Florent Golfier. After graduation, he and Florent Golfier co-founded tYhle group, where they work together with Maria Gourdain and Zuzana Režná. He has collaborated with directors and choreographers Pierre Nadaud, Dominique Boivin, Katharina Schmitt and Roberto Margo. In addition to tYhle, he held masks workshops in the Studio he studied, as well as drama lessons in schools, performed in the English educational theater and worked as a carpenter for two years.